Smartphone Championship Grand Finale: Nokia N900 vs Samsung Galaxy S

It’s here folks, it’s finally here. I was waiting for the final match from a long time, and now we are heading to our final match. But lets talk about the previous match first. First round of Semi-final was between the Nokia N900 and Palm Pre, where Nokia N900 won by a very close margin, and the second round match was between the Xperia X10 and Samsung Galaxy S, and the winner is Samsung Galaxy S. We got a total of 2,703 votes, from which Samsung Galaxy S got 1,481 votes, and Xperia X10 got 1,222 votes. So the final is between the Samsung Galaxy S and Nokia N900.

So folks, let’s head to the final. The final will match last for 5 days, and we will announce the winner on October 1. So guys, are you ready? So on your marks, get set VOTE!

Update: Poll is working fine now, happy voting !