Nokia E63 vs E71 in Pictures

Nokia E63 is the low cost version of the E71 . This E-Series phone was announced just in Nov 2008

The E63 has small minor differences in the front .. Its got a more box like rectangular body the e71 is sleekier ..

The spacebar is shorter and there are 2 extra keys on the last row  ..

While it might be cheaper by a couple of thousand bucks or the more . the e63 is very thick compared to e71

on the left top is the hot swap memory card slot and the usb port

The right side is empty .. no volume keys ..

The E63 retails for Rs.15000 and is one of the most affordable Eseries handsets from Nokia

Its got a less powerful camera and simple looks ..

Are you QWERTY ?

Author: Varun Krish

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