JDI introduces 5.5-inch Full HD flexible LCD display for smartphones

JDI 5.5-inch Full-HD flexible curved LCD display

A week after after announcing that it has started mass production of 5-inch class Quad HD In-cell touch LTPS display, JDI is in the news again by announcing that it is developing FULL ACTIVE FLEX 5.5-inch Full-HD LCD display for smartphones. The company said that it uses a plastic substrate for both sides of the liquid crystal layer.

“The FULL ACTIVE FLEX it is easily possible to form curved shapes by utilizing its flexibility, and thus it will greatly help to expand the degrees of freedom in smartphone design. Also, by using plastic substrates instead of glass, it is possible to prevent cracking from occurring when the display is dropped,” it added.

JDI FULL ACTIVE FLEX display specifications

Display size  5.5-inch
Number of pixels  1080(xRGB)×1920 Full-HD
Resolution density  401ppi
LCD driving frequency  60Hz/30Hz/15Hz
LCD mode  Photo-Alignment IPS (IPS-NEOTM)
Surface luminance  500cd/m2 (Typ.)
Contrast ratio  1500:1 (Typ.)

JDI said that it will consider adopting it not only in smartphone displays but also in notebook PCs, automotive applications and other various products as well. The JDI FULL ACTIVE FLEX display is expected to go into  mass production sometime in 2018.

We might not have to wait till 2018 for smartphones with flexible displays since Samsung is expected to introduce foldable smartphone with a flexible display later this year.


Author: Srivatsan Sridhar

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