Nokia Oldie Photo Gallery E90, N81 8GB, N95

Everyone is looking at the newer Nseries and Eseries. “Oh the E66, the E71, the N85, the N96!” But what about the dated devices? Some of them are just one year old, others more than 2 years. But all of them still sport that stellar Nokia manufacturing quality. Great hardware, amazing software. These are the devices that created a milestone in Nokia’s portfolio, and are still, up until today extremely functional, highly relevant and very attractive.

So, did/do you own one of these? Are you looking into buying them because their price dropped since their initial release? Do you fancy some gadget lust? Well then you might want to feast your eyes on this gallery that I recompiled for you from my previous experience with them:

  • Nokia E90, the first S60-powered communicator, business and multimedia GIANT
  • Nokia N81 8GB, the first N-Gage handset with dedicated gaming keys, also a music BEAST
  • Nokia N95, do we really need to describe it?

All images were taken with an N82, except the last 2 that were taken with an N93i. I’ve had my hands on all of these smartphones, so if there is any question that you want to ask, please do so. I’ll try answering as much as my memory allows me to. Let’s stop the blabber now, and off to the images!