Samsung S8500 Wave Comes with Infected micro-SD!

The Samsung S8500 Bada Wave is finally hitting the shops but there seems to be a problem. The micro-SD cards that ship along with the Samsung S8500 Wave package seem to be infected.

The S8500 Wave ships with a 1GB micro-SD card which accidentally has a malware program called slmvsrv.exe on it. It is a self replicating virus known as Win32/Heur and appears with the Autorun.ini file. The virus will begin auto installation when it is inserted into any PC having the autorun feature enabled.

This does not seem to be just a specific unit problem and may be a problem with most handsets. We are hoping to hear an official statement from Samsung either confirming or denying this.

via MobileBurn

Author: Sandeep Sarma

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