Samsung imports W700 Windows Tablet into India for testing


Import listings are turning out to be a valuable source of leaks for upcoming devices and also a sign that a company is readying the launch of a particular product in India. A new listing on Zauba shows that Samsung has imported several Windows powered tablets into India for testing.

The unannounced tablet has a model number W700 and W usually denotes that the device is running Windows OS according to Samsung nomenclature of the past. The tablet has a 12 inch display according to the listing and does fall in line with previous rumours of a Windows Powered Samsung tablet that is expected to have 4GB of RAM, 1440p screen or higher and a 13nm Intel Core M chipset.

The tablet is quoted at Rs30,383 per unit and a total of 10 units were imported into Delhi from South Korea for testing. While this is not the final price, it does give a good indication about what the price would be like when launched.

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Author: Sandeep Sarma

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