Nokia E72 Review

Just wanted to wrap up our Review of the Nokia E72 which started with Unboxing , Pros and Cons and 5 Megapixel Camera .  The E71 was a major hit and was one of the most loved Nokia phones.  Can the E72 replace the E71’s supremacy ?  Check out our E72 Review

I have been using this device as a primary phone for a couple of months and absolutely in love with it.The phone looks great and feels great to use.

Michael has also posted a review of the Hardware and Design aspect of the E72 where he even compares the E71 keyboard with the E72.

Personally , I like the Optically Navikey and I’m addicted to it. It did take some amount of time to get used to.

The 600 Mhz CPU gives you a snappy UI with cool transitions coming from S60 3rd Edition FP2

The call quality is excellent and getting a 2G / 3G signal is not a problem. One of the issues is the low speaker volume and the position of the speaker on the rear.

Nokia Messaging actually works pretty well on this device and the alerts were almost instant. But still it’s not perfect.

Music playback via the 3.5mm audio jack is flawless if you ever decide to listen to music on the phone.

Regarding the Maps and GPS ,  it’s got one of the most sensitive GPS receivers and a Compass which makes Navigation nice and easy.

The browser is actually does a good job in rendering web pages without distorting them, thanks to a new version of the webkit based browser.

The camera actually takes some good pictures and that too for a business phone it’s great. The only problem is the lack of a dedicated camera button but you can use the navikey.

Hit the link below for loads of camera samples

One of the things which I was not pleased about the E72 was the unreliable battery indicator which suddenly switches from 3 bars to a power saving mode. Also there were occasional reboots which happened initially with no name or reason. Hopefully these issues are fixed in the firmware updates.

Apart from the minor gripes , the E72 is a great device and lives up to the E-series branding.  If you are not a fan of touchscreen phones and want a plain QWERTY phone with a really awesome keypad, the E72 is a great choice.

The battery lasted for nearly 2 days with random phone calls  , messaging , browsing over Wi-Fi / 3G , Twitter etc.I would definitely recommend the E72  to anyone who is looking for a no-nonsense QWERTY phone.

I find it really hard to go back to the E71 after using the E72. The price of the E72 has fallen considerably since it’s launch and is retailing at about Rs.18500 in India.

Anybody using a E72 ? Do Post your thoughts below !

Author: Varun Krish

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