Nokia India has 54.1 percent market share , over 100 million phones sold in 2009 in India

Over 100 million mobile phones were sold in India in 2009 according to a research firm IDC India.  What’s surprising is that Nokia still has a lion’s share of the mobile sales at 54.1% percent.Samsung Mobiles has 9.7 % share and LG has 6.4 %

There were more than 28 new handset brands which started selling handsets in 2009 and these new players account for over 12.3%  of handset sales which is quite significant.

The local players account for 17.5 %  percent of sales now.These include Micromax, Karbonn Mobiles, Spice Mobiles Ltd, Videocon Industries Ltd and Lava International Ltd.

If you are following the IPL Cricket tournament , you must have seen ads from these companies on Television.

According to this report , Nokia has lost close to 2% market share during this period. Samsung has gained 0.2%  and LG has lost 0.8 %  in terms of market share.

We don’t know about the accuracy of this research data but looks like some brands such as Nokia and Micromax have issues with with the report data according to an article on Live Mint .

The report does not account for the Nokia’s Chennai factory output and Micromax’s sales figures are not accurate.

But who can deny the rise of the Dual SIM phones , fake nokia phones such as NokLa and Blackberry look alikes ?

Another reason for the increase in sales of these local players is the requirement for valid IMEI number which was issued by the government last year. This forced consumers to opt for branded phones rather than china mobiles which were illegally sold and purchased.

Have anyone of you used a phone other than Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson , LG , Apple, Blackberry or HTC ? I mean to ask if you have used any phone from Micromax , Videocon , Spice , Lava etc. How is the experience ? Do you like your phone ?

Author: Varun Krish

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