Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Flip Wallet Cover Review


Samsung has a history of introducing cases for their new smartphones and we’ve previously seen them introduce both flip and s-view window covers for the Note 4 and Galaxy S5 amongst other flagship devices. When designing for the Note Edge however, the company was clearly faced with a problem; how to make the unique Edge Screen – the key selling feature of the handset – accessible even when the cover is closed.

The result is a case that is both functional and protective but have they succeeded with the design?

Design & Quality


The Galaxy Note Edge Flip Wallet Cover does exactly what the name suggests – it’s a leather cover that flips over to the protect the front of your phone when you’re not using it. It comes sans the window that’s found on the S View cover and instead relies on you either interacting with the Edge Screen or opening the cover to use your handset.


The front flap essentially covers the “normal” display on the Note Edge and leaves you able to use the Edge Screen. When the cover is closed, you’re able to swipe between the different panels on the edge. The cover itself has the same faux leather finish as the Galaxy Note Edge rear cover and this provides grip whilst also looking stylish at the same time.


As an official Samsung accessory, the Galaxy Note Edge Flip Wallet Cover features cut outs for all the various things on the back including the camera with flash and heart rate monitor, the speaker grills and a cutout to provide easy quick access to the S-Pen.


Like many of Samsung’s other leather cases, the Galaxy Note Edge Flip Wallet Cover does not cover the top or bottom of the handset which means you have quick access to both the headphone jack (at the top) and the microUSB port for charging (at the bottom).


Whilst also providing protection, a truly useful case adds additional functionality to the handset. The S View cover adds a useful window to provide information at a quick glance but the Galaxy Note Edge Flip Wallet Cover provides protection without additional functionality.

That being said, the case can be quite useful. The cover is only useful if you are well versed in using the Galaxy Note Edge panels as it allows you to scroll through the panels and access quick information at a glance including the latest trends on Twitter, updated weather, quick access to applications (which then require you to open the cover) and the clock mode.

Galaxy Note Edge Flip Cover – Should You Buy It?


Overall the Galaxy Note Edge Flip Wallet Cover won’t appeal to all of the Note Edge users but as a niche smartphone, there are only a limited number of Galaxy Note Edge compatible cases available. Whereas the Galaxy Note Edge only appeals to a small subset of the market, the second curved display from Samsung – the Galaxy S6 Edge – is more of a mass market product and will hence have many more accessories available.

If you have bought the Galaxy Note Edge and actually use the innovative Edge Screen, then the Galaxy Note Edge Flip Wallet Cover might be worth considering simply as it keeps your handset protected whilst also allowing you to use the panels. It’s a unique case for a unique handset yet if you need protection whilst also being able to use the edge, then this is definitely a case you should consider.

The Galaxy Note Edge Flip Wallet Cover is available to buy from Mobile Fun for just £29.99.

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