Samsung to start mass production of touchscreen AMOLED panels

Starting from March, Samsung Mobile Display will start mass production of the World’s First Touch function AMOLED panel. This product will be referred to as Samsung 3.3 inch WVGA AMOLED display and it will have a resolution of 480×800 pixels. Don’t phones with an AMOLED Touchscreen already exist ? Read on to find the explanation.One might argue that there are already many touchscreen AMOLED devices in the market today including the popular Omnia HD pictured above.  Till now the manufacturing was a bit complicated. Samsung is now simplifying the process of manufacturing touchscreen AMOLED panels. The touch sensor is only 0.001 mm thick in the new process. This is the first time a touchscreen display is engineered in this fashion. This means that one can watch clearer pictures  on the display and we can also expect slimmer phones.

We can expect the price of AMOLED displays to drop with this mass production and as a result we might find such screens in mid-range phones too in the future .

Author: Varun Krish

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