Nokia and Rahman, Do the Music

Nokia is doing it again. Few days back Nokia N Series teamed up with Rabbi, the hot Sufi sensational singer for a contest and this time Nokia has teamed up with the musical maestro, A R Rahman. Nokia and Rahman together will be doing the Do the Music initiative from Nokia. For the Rabbi contest you need to upload your video but for this contest, the entrants get a chance to showcase their music to the maestro himself and make him drool to the music.
Now what you need to do in this contest, which is called Nokia XpressMusic Remix Rahman’s Ada, A way of Life; Ada is a forthcoming album by A R Rahman; you have to remix one of the 2 tracks from this album and if Rahman is impressed you will find yourself remixing the tracks of Ada along with Rahman in his world famous studio. You can either use the XpressMusic Remix or do your own remix and also listen to what others have remixed here.
I went to the Garuda mall today and saw the stall for this contest, which was designed like a headphone, with two tables at either sides of the headphone. If you are from Bangalore or have visited Bangalore you would agree to the fact that, the ground floor of Garuda is always filed with some kind of promotional activities, with one of the big five mobile giants occupying some space in that promotional area. Last weekend it was LG showcasing its Viewty and before that it was the Nokia N Series. The ground floor area experiences the most footfalls in this mall and Nokia is making sure it is grabbing lot of footage with this contest going on.

Author: Team FoneArena

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