Mobile Phone Reviews

Motorola Milestone2

The latest version of the handset that saved Motorola in the past. It is unbelievable that barely two years ago, Motorola was on death knell. by Jon Choo on 2011-03-18

Samsung Galaxy 5 Review

The story with Android has been quite similar these last few years: manufacturers seem to always be on the run to deliver bigger, faster, better, devices with more specs inside than anyone can humanly memorize by Rita on 2011-03-06

Nokia X2-01

What would you do if you were a teen and given a handset as sleek with a solid qwerty and music DNA running on the handset. by Arun on 2011-03-03

Dell Streak - Tablet or Phone ?

Dellís first phone to hit markets worldwide including India. It was launched first on O2 UK and later on AT&T USA. It was released in India last year by Aditya on 2011-03-01

Johnís Phone - Simplicity !

The Worlds Simplest Phone , thatís what the design team over at John Doe Amsterdam claim it to be. Now honestly speaking , i need my smartphone dose daily by Dhruv on 2011-02-26

Samsung Fascinate for Verizon

The Samsung Fascinate, available on the Verizon network, is a Galaxy S device specifically designed for Verizon. The Fascinate includes some of the latest technologies including a Super AMOLED display, 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor by Sloan on 2011-02-23

LG Optimus 2X Review - Dual Core

And guess what ? Itís the first time we have reviewed a Dual-Core phone. Until recently LG was loosing ground in the smartphone race but they surprised Ö by Varun on 2011-02-12

Nokia E5 - Affordable Messenger

a QWERTY phone which has been launched in the market recently and is Nokiaís latest Eseries device after the E72. Nokia E5 is one such phone which packs Ö by Arun on 2011-02-01

Motorola DEFY Review - Rugged Phone

Here is the FoneArena Motorola Defy review Ė a rugged Android phone which is available for purchase in UK, USA and hitting India soon.The phone drew plenty of attention worldwide because itís not only rugged Ö by Jon Choo on 2011-01-25

LG Optimus One

Presenting the FoneArena LG Optimus One Review. The P500 is LGís attempt to conquer the affordable smartphone segment. At one point of time ,† the Korean handset maker was pumping out too many handsets into by Varun on 2011-01-14

Motorola Milestone XT720 Review

At a time when Motorola was dying, a device they introduced brought back life into the company. The device was the MILESTONE or the DROID by Sandeep on 2010-11-30

Samsung Galaxy Tab Review

Here is the FoneArena Samsung Galaxy Tab Review. This Android Tablet is one of the first Tablets to pose some serious competition to the Apple iPad in terms of specs. The Galaxy Tab was launched Ö by Varun on 2010-11-22

Nokia N8 Review

When we set out to write the Nokia N8 review on FoneArena, we wanted to bring you a diverse, all-encompassing, balanced opinion of the first Symbian^3 device and the long time coming imaging flagship by FA Team on 2010-11-15

BlackBerry Torch 9800 Review

"Presenting a review of the BlackBerry Torch 9800 for AT&T When you think of BlackBerry the first thought that comes to your mind is either email or full qwerty keyboard. The last thing that users think Ö" by Sloan on 2010-11-01

2010 iPods

Spot poll: Who doesnít like some new gear, especially when the new pieces of bling sport the bitten fruit logo Ďround the back? This week, A Byte of Apple takes a long hard look by Tushar on 2010-10-29

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