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ipad 2 india prices

Apple India just left the cat out of the bag and informed us the iPad 2 is indeed launching in India this Friday. While we find the prices to be reasonable for a new Apple product that went on sale only last month in USA, some are disappointed about the prices which Apple has released for the iPad 2 . We decided to do a little comparison of the india prices and the US price.

Although the iPad is famous for the $499 price tag for the base WiFi model , when you actually walk into a store in the US in most states , you have to pay a state tax which varies between 5-10%. California has the most tax while some states like Oregon have no tax at all. So we decided to assume a 8% tax for this illustration. We also added a column for customs duty in case you wish to import the iPad2 from the US. We assumed customs duty to be 10% . So if you look at the table below ,  you would see that the difference between India and USA is not much unless you are traveling there and don’t have to pay custom duty.

India (INR) USA( $) Tax(8%) USA ($) Net USA(INR) $1=Rs45
USA(INR) with 10% Duty
16 GB WiFi 29500 499 39.92 538.92 24251.4 26676.54
32 GB WiFi 34500 599 47.92 646.92 29111.4 32022.54
64 GB WiFi 39500 699 55.92 754.92 33971.4 37368.54
16 GB 3G 36900 629 50.32 679.32 30569.4 33626.34
32 GB 3G 41900 729 58.32 787.32 35429.4 38972.34
64  GB 3G 46900 829 66.32 895.32 40289.4 44318.34

The iPad2 is surely reasonably priced we would say ! Now , the Apple Authorized Resellers in India are surely going to have a difficult time managing the crowds.

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