Apple iPad 2 India Prices , Comparison

ipad 2 india prices

Apple India just left the cat out of the bag and informed us the iPad 2 is indeed launching in India this Friday. While we find the prices to be reasonable for a new Apple product that went on sale only last month in USA, some are disappointed about the prices which Apple has released for the iPad 2 . We decided to do a little comparison of the india prices and the US price.

Although the iPad is famous for the $499 price tag for the base WiFi model , when you actually walk into a store in the US in most states , you have to pay a state tax which varies between 5-10%. California has the most tax while some states like Oregon have no tax at all. So we decided to assume a 8% tax for this illustration. We also added a column for customs duty in case you wish to import the iPad2 from the US. We assumed customs duty to be 10% . So if you look at the table below ,  you would see that the difference between India and USA is not much unless you are traveling there and don’t have to pay custom duty.

India (INR) USA( $) Tax(8%) USA ($) Net USA(INR) $1=Rs45
USA(INR) with 10% Duty
16 GB WiFi 29500 499 39.92 538.92 24251.4 26676.54
32 GB WiFi 34500 599 47.92 646.92 29111.4 32022.54
64 GB WiFi 39500 699 55.92 754.92 33971.4 37368.54
16 GB 3G 36900 629 50.32 679.32 30569.4 33626.34
32 GB 3G 41900 729 58.32 787.32 35429.4 38972.34
64  GB 3G 46900 829 66.32 895.32 40289.4 44318.34

The iPad2 is surely reasonably priced we would say ! Now , the Apple Authorized Resellers in India are surely going to have a difficult time managing the crowds.

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Author: Varun Krish

Varun Krish is a Mobile Technology Enthusiast and has been blogging about mobile phones since 2005. His current phones include the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge , Apple iPhone 6S Plus & Nexus 5X. You can follow him on Twitter @varunkrish and on Google+ You can also mail Varun Krish

  • Sujay

    Why apple can’t launch wifi 3g version of ipad 2 instead of selling separate version.Ok we can bare 16gb ipad2 without expansion slot for memory but this is no sense in bringing only wifi or only 3g product in todays age of communication n connectivity even cheapest tablet and smartphone has both 3g and wifi.Sorry to say that but i am atleast not considering to buy ipad2 even though its great and going with others options in market which have atleast wifi 3g both which i use for my daily connectivity and as per their availability.This is also an opnion of many techies.

    • Pratit

      Apple iPad has two models, one is Wifi only & second is Wifi + 3G.. There’s nothing like only 3G model without Wifi..

    • rAg

      3G iPad doesnt mean it has only 3g mate.. It has wifi + 3g, you can get it confirmed on their site or from anyone using it as well if needed.

      I myself used a 3g iPad.

    • Prasanna


      The 3G version also has Wi-Fi.
      So you have to decide on whether you want Wi-Fi only version or 3G + Wi-Fi Version!!

  • KP

    3g models are 3g+wifi.

  • nazar

    Why on earth prices in India rocket sky high for apple products? was planning to go for iPad2 16 GB(3G+WiFi) but 🙁 …..

    if (price.couldHaveBeen(25-30K))
    “bangForBuck” ;
    “blackHoleInPocket”+”:( “;

    • b soham

      After all it’s still an apple iPAD and not just any other tablet… The new front camera is absolutely cracking for Facetime use and LED lit LCD display is super crisp..
      Aggresive pricing, but should have been 1-2k less..

    • Vikas

      For serious users, I would recommend buying wi-fi only 16gb along with huawei 5830 Mi-Fi (can be used for all other gadgets requiring internet on the go) price abt 5K

    • zithu

      I don’t think so friend ipad2 is relay amazing what we getting for our money

  • subbu

    very high price

  • sham

    Is pad 2 3G + wifi is GSM based? and facetime is working? is it unlocked ?
    some one can feedback me ?!!

  • Angad

    The apple website lists the price including Tax so I think 8% should not be added….

  • ranga

    For all those using iPad already. What are the typical operational costs in terms of the app download etc.
    Also for those with 3G which provider have you gone with, I hear most of them are bad & connectivity is an issue.

  • ranga

    The iphone 4 launched yesterday seems to be similarly priced? Why would the iphone be priced so when we can get an iPad

    • CJL

      Newtons 4th Law! As gadgets get smaller and smarter price becomes bigger!!

  • Puru

    Hi i’ve ipad2 wi+fi 64GB brandnew (without opening the seal) with bill from usa, purchased on 24th May only, together with cover, total 40k Rs. if interested pls contact it’s in chennai.

  • If you buy from US and plan to use in India on 3G connection, make sure you buy from the AT&T store as only that one is GSM based. The Verizon model is CDMA based.

    Interval | Dekho
    Bollywood Social Network

  • Sunanda

    Tata and Reliance are CDMA providers – why won’t the Verizon version work with them?

  • Ravisirsi

    Just buy the WiFi model and enable wifi tethering on your iPhone if you have any or any other phone if it supports, so you can get 3G also

  • Ravisirsi

    Just buy the WiFi model and enable wifi tethering on your iPhone if you have any or any other phone if it supports, so you can get 3G also

  • Raghav

    can we call from IPAD 2 ??

    • Susmitaroy22

      No only skype call

      • zithu

        try it once, its really amazing experience we ever had before it is 9 times faster than the tablets getting from other company, its is some thing like the world in our hand 

  • Anirban

    Yes…got mine yesterday…SUPERB,feather like thing!!!

  • Sbalagopal

    Is there a difference in the components in iPad2 sold in apple stores in the US and what is marked in India 

    • Zithub4u

      nothing like that 

    • A Sharib

      Not really as mostly all products (electronic) are made in China

  • Arvindchuri

    I have received used ipad from my son as gift. If I take it to India what will be custom duty?

    • A Sharib

      Custom duty is none for any electronics item you are bringing for yourself

  • vaibhav gupta


  • 18shubh

    for any products of aple..u can contact me..less price frm market…and a ipad used for 2 months is also 4 26000..cntact me 9579556477..shubham

    • A Sharib

      Shubham, where are you based at..will call you tomorrow

  • Annair71

    Can I use MS Office on I pad