BSNL 3G iPad Plans / Tariffs

We just told you about BSNL launching the 3G plans for the Apple iPad and we have got the tariffs for you.There are both prepaid and postpaid plans.  Unlimited usage costs Rs.999 per month in both prepaid and and postpaid

In prepaid there is a also a daily unlimited plan. There is a limited usage plan at Rs.599 per month with free 6GB of usage.

BSNL 3G Data Plans for iPad

Prepaid Plans

Starter Pack in Rs.100
Free Usage with Activation 1 GB/month for six months
Unlimited monthly plan Rs.999 with 30 days validity
Limited monthly plan – 6GB free data and 1p / 10KB after limit Rs.599 with 30 days validity
Daily Plan Rs.99 with 1 day validity Unlimited Usage

Postpaid Plans

Activation Charges Rs.100
Monthly charges Rs.999
Usage Unlimted
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Author: Varun Krish

Varun Krish is a Mobile Technology Enthusiast and has been blogging about mobile phones since 2005. His current phones include the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge , Apple iPhone 6S Plus & Nexus 5X. You can follow him on Twitter @varunkrish and on Google+ You can also mail Varun Krish

  • I reckon the 6 Months Unlimited 3G Data for Rs.4200/- is still active, anyone looking U/L for 6 months should go for it and save Rs.1800! My 2 paisa 😀

  • Ankur

    That’s an excellent pricing imo.

  • Now india a Dumping yard?

  • sharath

    Because apple might be launching new ipad 2 so apple is dumping old ipad stocks in INDIA, still iphone4 is not launched in INDIA!!!!

  • Ankur

    From Apple’s point of view, when they don’t have so much sale here in India, why would they take pain and invest to launch such products in India.

    • user

      but if they launch their products with affordable prices they can get a huge market in india

      • Ankur

        @user – Apple target a different class of Market. They never will nor should change their strategy for just one small Market.

        And no matter now affordable they make their phone, it will still not be a hit here.

        • Sanju

          tu apne aap ko to kahin us difrnt class of market ka nahin samajh raha?

          • Ankur

            I don’t complain about Apple’s pricing and I own both an iPad and an iPhone 4.

  • sharath

    @Ankur I appreciate your view but if apple launches its product(iphone & ipad) in INDIA like in USA it will be a huge hit.Every one wants iphone but afraid of going to invest in ‘Grey Market’ product.If its available in reasonable price then Every YOUTH wants in India..

    • Ankur

      @Sharath – Apple sold close to 16MM phones in USA. No company has able to sell even close to half a million phone it india no matter what the price they sell at. So you tell me what exactly you mean huge hit in india like in USA?

      Every youth wants it is a joke in this country, sir.

  • salmander

    every ‘YOUTH’ wants it? yeah perhaps the ones who aren’t tech-savvy enough !! please, i’d prefer a phone with bluetooth file sharing enabled, thanks, and so would practically every single person i know !! the uber-rich who simply buy these so-called ‘cool’ products are the ones who’ll swallow apple’s junk up!! the ones who aren’t as well off know what to buy but lack the resources to do so. life!!

  • Ankur

    @salamander – and yes you are a techie guy. Knows everything about a phone. Do you even feel the difference in the touch technology of an iPhone and a nokia touchscreen ph. And apart from blackberry, iPhone has one on the best email services. The phone performance is awesome. And people like you cry about small little things which you use once in a while. Hats-off to you man.

  • Nirav

    Thanx fonearena…this really helpful….

  • Johns Baby

    I think the private sector cannot cop up with BSNL 3G in the field of tarrif…. 🙂 ….

  • i think private will provide better service than bsnl

  • noufal

    hi dere ……
    i would like to know de speed of the connection for rs 999

  • karthik varma

    hi everyone
    can this “Ipad 3g plan Rs999” be used by the 3g data card
    since my 6mnths plan is gonna expire this month.

    waiting for replies

  • Jack333

    Private companies can never compete with bsnl in tariff
    For 999 Rs docomo offers unlimited plan only uptil 5gb after which it still remains unlimited but speed falls to 2g or gprs speed

    Micro sim can be used in a 3g modem stick using an adapter or its cut sides to put it inside.
    Bsnl configures the micro sim so as to use only for data and voice is disabled, so can’t be used for calling in iphone or any other phone

    But gives good speed between 300 and 400 kbps downloadind also in torrents
    BSnl is good when working, landline broadband is also good and cheap once the wire breaks service is bad repair takes 5 days

  • Prasoon Kumar

    hi this is prasoon from IIT Kanpur, i bought the ipad 64 gb 3g wi-fi … In a dumping rate of 22% off from oberoi mall ,goregaon mumbai and using my kanpur bsnl 3g sim … Had to cut it and place the non golden side of the sim on the top while inserting the sim tray . .. It is working quite well , actually its awesome .. If the i pad shows no sim then turn it 180degrees and try but do remember to place the golden part of the sim the opposite side of the sim tray …… It will automatically show Dolphin E or Dolphin 3G… But u r not done here …. Go to the cellular data in the settings and fill “bsnlnet” in the APN column and dont use the (“) mark .. Plainly write bsnlnet and leave userid password blank …. Restart the ipad and do a sim recharge of 100 rupees …. An u are ON …. Have fun the ipad users ..Because . Rest are losers.


    • Vineetsahu

      dear prasoon – microsims are available at the BSNL centre near naveen market – i am using one & it is good. no problem in procurement,