Nokia N900 gets Android 2.3 Unoffically

Most Android devices out there waiting for Android 2.3 update. But the unexpected Nokia N900 Linux SuperPhone got its Android 2.3 unofficially. posted a week later that the port of 2.3 is on the line for N900.The hackers from NITDroid project have succesfully ported the Android 2.3 aka GingerBread to the Nokia N900.  The developers says that android core from 2.2 to 2.3 dont have major difference thats what made the port a bit easier. The stable version release will follow soon. The Froyo stable release for Nokia N900 will be out in few days.

As they said

2.2.1 stable release before Cristmas.2.3-experimental before NY… and i hope to have smth for Ortodox Cristmas too:)

Thanks to DrunkDebugger for the Picture .


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  • aryan

    best smart phone ever

  • adifrank

    makes me wonder why i sold this phone,just to buy another android phone….

  • androidisahype

    why the f… do I want to install a broken linux OS like android on a superb os like maemo.

    btw. does the phone functionality even work? does the camera work?

    developers should help improve maemo instead of give google even more power.

    if u reaally wantk that kind of shiity os get an htc/samsung instead

    • Loverl92

      coz nokia os sucks..processors arent upto xpectation..they cn work fast bt cz of shitty software dnt work that fast

  • According to nokia….
    running android on nokia (by hacking phone os) will void their Warranty terms…

    Therefore, i’m waiting for official release

  • sachin

    is it really safe 2 install android on my phone…jus a bit worried…hav u guys done it??

  • Ishan The Boy

    @adifrank. hahahaha… lol…lmao…hehehe…