Smartphone Championship Grand Finale: Nokia N900 vs Samsung Galaxy S

It’s here folks, it’s finally here. I was waiting for the final match from a long time, and now we are heading to our final match. But lets talk about the previous match first. First round of Semi-final was between the Nokia N900 and Palm Pre, where Nokia N900 won by a very close margin, and the second round match was between the Xperia X10 and Samsung Galaxy S, and the winner is Samsung Galaxy S. We got a total of 2,703 votes, from which Samsung Galaxy S got 1,481 votes, and Xperia X10 got 1,222 votes. So the final is between the Samsung Galaxy S and Nokia N900.

So folks, let’s head to the final. The final will match last for 5 days, and we will announce the winner on October 1. So guys, are you ready? So on your marks, get set VOTE!

Update: Poll is working fine now, happy voting !

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  • feroz

    is it a winner merely on vote basis ?
    does this mean, n900 is truly sbart TECHNICALLY..
    there shoul have been some explanations as to why its the smartest.

  • sanjeev

    N9000 is winner here…. I have both the pone but I feel more freedom and power with n900 only

    • Siyam shaikh

      Bro i got that mobile last month..:)stil i dont know how to use it…can u please explain from where to download software’s for N900 and wat about flash player does it work…?does it support android..?please reply will be waiting

  • david

    Because N900 is not a phone ! It is Mobile computer

  • Rahul

    Yeah!! I was wishing abt..! However i c dat match has been 1 sided but Galaxy S is too a powerful handset.. N900 has olwaz been my dream gadjet!
    N900 z ahead of the times & has a bright future!!
    Galaxy S boasts of 512MB RAM, 1Ghz CPU processor & Android 2.2 Eclair; but 660Mhz & 256MB RAM of N900 doesn’t do much harm either..:)
    N900 beats Galaxy S in web surfing & that’s it… The primest of all features of all smartphones..:)
    Now when dual core CPU powered set like Galaxy SII & LG Optimus 2X r out in d market N900 will ‘ve tough time to cope wid.
    Yet i guess & wish N900 to be d winner; as i already said dat it z ahead of time.. 🙂

  • karan

    haha..i would nevr go 4 n900..its not like a smartphone..its rather a mobile computer..user interface is not good..not so good in looks and not have apps like we get in android..yes it better in some capabilities like as a whole i doesnt think 2 go 4 it just for this reason.
    A smartphone be like that which make u happy every time and every function u use in we see in android smartphones..great ui..and great no of apps..handset made by htc looks so beautiful and perfect when we use it bz of theirsense ui..galaxy s is also a great nw d time changes..dual core comes into action..people like android smartphones more than any other platform thats why android has half of the market share in smartphone market.

  • saqlain shaikh

    good cell

  • I know nearly 9000 people have voted, but I must admit I thought that the result would be much tighter than that. I have a few friends of mine who have the Samsung Galaxy S and absolutely rave about it, especially its practicality and functionality. Granted I’m yet to know first hand of anyone I know much about the N900, but I’ve read many favourable reviews on the Galaxy S. It just goes to show that what an editor or reviewer looks for might be substantially different to the practical use of the phone by ordinary everyday mobile phone use.

  • chetan

    both phones are equally good you cant compare them..galaxy tops over its screen and touch interface its a capacitive..technical limitations for 900 for processor both have cortex 8 series so u cant compare them ..linux is rich experience but android for dummy users…talking abt battery poor 900 camera is equally good in both the phones.. reception are equal..weight can be a winning factor but ahhh there is keyboard so lets nt talk abt it…900 looks expensive fone compared to galaxy…linux is open source u can even install android in ur 900 ahh amazing a phone with dual os…so u can call it a true mobile computer… last bt not the least thumps up for both the phones…instead of comparing these phones we should appriciate the technology…thats all guys