Nokia E63 vs E71 in Pictures

Nokia E63 is the low cost version of the E71 . This E-Series phone was announced just in Nov 2008

The E63 has small minor differences in the front .. Its got a more box like rectangular body the e71 is sleekier ..

The spacebar is shorter and there are 2 extra keys on the last row  ..

While it might be cheaper by a couple of thousand bucks or the more . the e63 is very thick compared to e71

on the left top is the hot swap memory card slot and the usb port

The right side is empty .. no volume keys ..

The E63 retails for Rs.15000 and is one of the most affordable Eseries handsets from Nokia

Its got a less powerful camera and simple looks ..

Are you QWERTY ?

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Author: Varun Krish

Varun Krish is a Mobile Technology Enthusiast and has been blogging about mobile phones since 2005. His current phones include the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge , Apple iPhone 6S Plus & Nexus 5X. You can follow him on Twitter @varunkrish and on Google+ You can also mail Varun Krish

  • mahesh

    hey friends! E63 is superb. Install google maps from google for GPS and navigation. Its fantastic..!!

    • pinku

      sorry mahesh i don’t think google maps help u in navigation…

    • pinku

      google maps navigation is still in beta stage and it is compatible only for android 2 mobiles. With E63 phones Navigation won’t work properly. but u can use other online navigation software like Mapnav or navigami but all these online software including Google Navigation beta Don’t work properly in India and they r bit slow to access too. so i don’t think its a gud idea to use these online software in place of gps receiver. u cannot replace gps receiver with these softwares.

  • great phone with superb specs of e61 wow ive got it 3 days ago. i love it. Not the nails lol

  • ruzer

    hey guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    instead buy samsung omnia pro b7320 check it out

  • aspire

    Hey guys e63 price is now as low as 9300, I got my phone with the offer of Bluetooth headset wrth rs 2900. Very nice phone and the BT headset is also really kewl..

    • rivu

      price of headset is within 9300 or it costs u separately………
      if u have both in 9300…….then pls mention the store name.

      • Vivek

        I got the the model with BT headset for 9200 hundred rs today. The free headset offer had closed on 15th April though, the store guy somehow managed to get the set for me from his contact in other Hotspot outlet 10 kms away. Thats the advantage of having so many stores in the vicinity.. I felt like a king customer :-)..

  • abhishek

    Can anybody tell me date when can I purchase reduced price mobile due to budget. Budget announced on 28th Feb, Is the price reduced on same day as petrol reduced on same budget day?

    • Jonty

      hey… the prices are dirt cheap.. i bought it for 9000 straight with BT headset. n i dont think that the budget would reduce its price any futhter

      • ravi

        @ above
        in which city u r yaar ….. m in Pune
        i want to buy E 63 and price is 10k+ smthin here

        • ut

          Hi All,

          I bought E63 10 days, still trying to figure out most of the options, somehow I found my motorola touch fone A768(I guess) which I bught 5 yrs back was way ahead of its time, with easy feathures like cipy paste, 2 alarms, better scheuler than E63, battery problem made me change and also the internet option,

          Though at 9200, e63 is worth buying.

        • Saket

          Hi ravi i am in ahmedabad and the price for E63 here is 9100Rs only even me got one oneweek ago that to in white colour.Its a good fone.I love it

        • Teena

          hi ravi………..

          m in pune too….i bought it today 4 just 9100.just check it out now.

      • Sunita


        Where could one get E63 for Rs 9000 in Mumbai?

        Thanks for your help.

        • sajjan

          You can get it for Rs.9000/- at DP from a known person who is dealing in mobiles as MRP is always more then DP between 200-400 rupees


  • deepak.imax

    can u tell me how much is da price of e63,e71 in hyderabad…

  • Teena

    wanna buy N72 but not in budget… i bought E63..i find it good.luv it…

  • Ananwoy

    never saw a gud fone like dis at such low price

  • girish

    hi guyz,E-63 is priced at Rs 8900/- at nokia priority dealers anywhere in the country.check out i brought one recently

  • darshan

    wht’s the price of E-63?? i want to know that, what is similar in ths two piece =E-71 and E-63…

  • ZABI KHAN -_-

    guyzzz………. E63 rockzzz !! It has ol d featured of top nd modlz. Um lovng it………

    D only draw bak was d camera clarity a bitt low. Rstt ol grttttttttttttt ….

  • neo

    is it possible to play facebook poker on e63?

  • Sumit

    I like both the phones e63 an e71
    nokia had done supeb.

  • Prakash

    how about the camera clarity of e63 ????

  • vinno gabriel

    e63 is a crazy fone and i love it like mad, is affordable thanks to nokia

    • ravii

      plz tell me the phone book capacity

  • Raju

    Hi i buy this phone last week and i want to sell it bcus i want to buy n 8

    • Anuj

      I want to bye it. What is yr price

      • Deepak

        I am willing to buy a 3 G phone, but I am confused between E63 @ E 71. How this problem can be resolve

  • Danish

    this is d best phone i eva saw….dat too in my budget….love u my nokia…Mwuaaaaaaaaaaaah