Nokia C3 Review

Here is the FoneArena Nokia C3 review – an entry level QWERTY phone which is available for purchase in UK. The phone drew plenty of attention in Indonesia when it was launched a while ago.

The Nokia C3 looks at first glanced like a Nokia E72, but essentially it is a stripped down phone geared towards youngsters with a range of social networking applications at its heart.

For a phone that costs from £80 in Britain on Pay as you Go, the C3 has plenty going for. Despite running on Nokia’s Series 40 platform, the C3 is unusually blessed with WiFi and Bluetooth. In addition to that it has a decent 2MP camera which is fine for taking web-destined pictures. If you expect anything more then you will be disappointed.

It also has a 3.5mm headphone slot for music listening on the top, a standard Nokia charger port, micro USB port and micro SDHC. It is bundled with a 2GB microSDHC card. The C3 has no support for 3G, but GPRS is fine with Opera Mini. It is powered by a Nokia BL-5J battery (1320mAh) which is fine for up to 800 hours of standby time, according to Nokia anyway.

The display is a standard 2.4″ screen with QVGA resolution, and performs well outdoors. Mind, we haven’t been getting plenty of sunshine lately so I was unable to test the display under full sunlight glare – but will update when and if we ever get our summer back.

Below the screen resides two soft keys, two applications keys and a call and disconnect (which also doubles as power on/off) buttons. Below those is the QWERTY keypad. The keypad is similar in feel to the more expensive E72, though the space bar is also far larger (like the E71). Commonly used punctuations are easily accessible.

Series 40 is a rather dated platform and a step down the ladder from the more versatile and mainstream Symbian Series 60 smartphone platform. It does not support multi-tasking, but it works well despite its rather dated look and use of large fonts. Opening applications can be a very slow process. The problem is Nokia should be pushing the ‘smarter’ S60 onto lower end phones like this.

Nokia markets the C3 as a messaging phone for youngsters. With the QWERTY keypad, typing messages is a breeze. It has support for the most popular messaging platforms such as SMS, email and popular instant messaging platforms such as Yahoo! Messenger, MSN via Ovi Chat. There is also Opera Mini 4 installed for all your web browsing need.

As social networking booms, Nokia has included a Communities application for Twitter and Facebook. It is a J2ME application, so loading or starting it up can take a while and it does not run in the background. It does integrate itself neatly on the homescreen though, but you will have to launch the app in order to reply.

As a Twitter client, Communities has some good features, but personally I feel that the C3 is too slow to be of any use. It takes a long time to scroll through messages and replies. Anyone who follows more than 50 twitter users will likely find it a chore and would be better off downloading Twibble or using instead.

The sound quality from the music player is rather good, and with a microSDHC slot and 2GB card already provided, the C3 makes for a decent music player. Equally good is the call quality and signal strength. It never dropped a call on me once, but that isn’t surprising – the telephone bit of any phones has always been Nokia’s strength.

It is hard to fault the C3. It is a great device with brilliant built quality and has features many would not expect in such a cheap device. For £80 (EUR100) on Pay as you Go, you get a great looking device with a wonderful QWERTY keypad built around messaging. Shame the software isn’t up to it.


+ Great QWERTY keypad

+ Built-in WiFi

+ Good Twitter and Facebook integration


– Slow processor

– Series 40

– Poor camera quality

Note: This review is based on a UK Retail Unit. The C3 would be available soon in more more markets including India.

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  • Meh

    I wanna buy a tuch screen phone with in 14000 rs , and i wanna phone wich has high internet speed,plz suggest me.

    • Aakash Pednekar

      heyyy meh i suggest u shud buy samsung galaxy 551
      its based on android 2.2 upgradable to 2.3 also its has a high net speed as required and if u dnt like it i suggest u based an android based cell only as it will guarantee u faster net

  • Anuj

    Go for micromax with extended battery life.

    • hi just i buy the nokia C3 .. it not that good i expected form more on it ..
      pleace dont go for this
      if u want to know more about this cal no 9866955041

      • shankar

        hy murthi can u pls sell ur c3 for me????????

        • Aakash Pednekar

          hey shankar i m ready 2 sell my c3 . U want ???????
          i purchased it for 5800rs hw much can u give dude !!!!!!

          • shankar

            pls contact me with my number if u wanna sell your mobile…….

          • hy aakash i purchase ur mble………pls contact me 9030202912

          • shankar

            k aakash pls contact me 9030202912

          • harish kumar

            I wnt to buy it if u are interested u can call me on 09808820267

        • Aakash pednekar

          ya dude ill contact u chill

          • shankar

            hy aakash pls cntct me i want ur mble

        • prashant

          heyyy……i just now perchaced c3-00 nokia ……3 month ago
          do u wat to perchase my no is 9762221073

  • Shailesh Nair

    Disappointed to the hilt. Bought NOKIA C3 4 days back from Mobile store after checking and ensuring with them only 2 features as i already have a blackberry with me. 1- whether it has unlimited contacts capacity and 2 it has a good battery back up.

    Went home downloaded the new phone software and ovi suite and tried to synchronize………… and everything blew. It can take only 1000 contacts and thats the LIMIT – C3 AND IT IS NOT UNLIMITED AS NOKIA CLAIMS.

    I went back to the mobile store and i was directed to one and only NOKIA CARE……….dubious name must say as they just didnt care……..they just had funny reply…….”this phone has unlimited contacts capacity but you can keep only 1000 nos. For more details pls call the customer care”

    I managed to trace out the service head of Nokia who first did not not respond on the phone during the initial calls , subsequently when he did he gave a time limit that he would revert by 11 am next morning.

    Morning went past and hand has become evening, as mobile continues to be switched off – may be he is enjoying the WEEKEND. Put in an sms message for which there is no response. I called back the mobilestore from where i had procured the set as their service has been impeccable, but this even their response has been cold and disappointing. I HAVE WASTED 4 DAYS OF MINE ON THIS – WHO IS RESPONSIBLE – LOOKS LIKE ITS ME WHO BELIEVED IN NOKIA

    Alas i am left with an instrument which doesnt serve my purpose. All those who are looking at the UNLIMITED FEATURE- BEWARE AND STEER CLEAR OF THIS PHONE.


    • ankit goyal

      hey Sailesh
      I was planning to buy C3 phone but after reading ur comment i hv changed the plan. pls suggest me better phone in similar price

  • Pankaj

    Sir, which the nokia X-2 is best for me.

  • sarathkumar

    nokia c3-00 mobile very poor quality
    video sound not clear coming noise,avi format video not supported

  • Rashika

    call me m rashika if u want some good time plz call me…+919782570828

    • sunil

      call on 9317671007

  • Disha vyas

    C3 is nt a good celphone.. It is very very slow and nothing is god in thi phone..

    • ankit goyal

      hey Disha
      Pls suggest me better phone in similar price. My no. is 9911319519.

      • Aakash Pednekar

        Dude ill suggest u buy an android os cell phone
        they r in fashion today opt 4 samsung galaxy 5 its just some 8000 rs . its cool running on android 2.1 . far better than c3 n others in this price range

  • chirag

    thnxx for ur suggestion

  • Samrat

    Hey guy! tell me Nokia c3-00 handset really not good. How? please tell me quick. Because i want to buy it. some people said me that Nokia c3-00 handset not good. So, reply my comment.

    • amer

      dude pls dont buy nokia c3-00
      bcoz the very disappointing features are:

      its camera clearity is low
      battery back up is for only 20 hrs
      messaging feature is not good
      the phone turns off with no reason
      the phone hangs when video is played
      and the phones speaker quality is not good
      phone earphones are not upto the satisfaction

      i suggest my all friends to not to go for c3-00

      • yeahhhhh dude… u r d man… u rock…

      • Surajit De

        For me also same thing is happening, it is getting turned off suddenly, i took the phone to Nokia care in bangalore but they told they can not repair it. I purchased the phone 2 months back from UNIVERCELL (near Big Bazaar, Kathriguppe, BSK 3rd Stage) but when i first opened the phone for changing the SIM card, the cheap cover fallen down, and from then it is getting switched odd frequently. NOKIA, please give us good material or else no end customer will purchase your product. NOKIA phones are having manufacturing problems.

  • jyo

    hey pls telme weather nokiac3 is good or micromax psych,,,pls reply fast i need to buy…which is cool??

    • Sathish_khumar

      if you are net user, dont go with micromax..

    • Sathish_khumar

      if you are net user, dont go with micromax..

    • Sathish_khumar

      if you are net user, dont go with micromax..

    • Sathish_khumar

      if you are net user, dont go with micromax..

  • zanky

    thankz guys i was planning 4 one to buy!!!!
    so any1 suggest which cell in nokia is g8!!!!!

  • Arshad

    Hy frndz going to buy c3-00..plz reccoment to me that c3-00 r c3.01 is better mobile..



  • Lildinho

    hi please help me
    youtube real player is not working 
    how to make it work C3-00

  • ABHISHEK003003


  • Knakendran

    nokia c3 very worst.
    it’s switch off with no reason
    hanging problem
    speaker sound is very very worst
    battery backup is only 15 hrs
    in game mode not enabled the sound

  • Kunal Bangera95

    wifi works slow
    otherwise it is a good phone
    dont know why so but pl

  • Rhonda_baby2011

    I bought a used one and and didnt get a charger with it and i tried chargng with the usb but it didnt work so i bought a new battery fr it and since it went dead it wont charge up. Is there another charging port on this phone or is there something wrong with my usb port?

  • Klausmeldgaard

    There are not enough apps. for this model 🙁

  • D Dhananjay2011

    how can i disable call summary tone in this nokia c3-00  frns,,,,can anyone tell me guys
    (QWERTY keypad)