Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 First Impressions

Mi Mix 2 -2

When the Mi MIX launched, a bezel-less smartphone was essentially a pipe dream. Sure, Sharp had announced a number of them over the years but a product that remained stuck in Japan doesn’t really count, does it? So, when out of the blue, Xiaomi of all brands introduced a modern, uncompromised smartphone that simply broke all design conventions, it quickly became the talk of the town.

In the year that has followed, bezel less and 18:9 are terms that almost every major smartphone manufacturer has latched on to. Now that the gimmick isn’t new or unique, the Mi MIX 2 has to stand up on its own merits. We’ve spent a bit of time with the new hardware. Not nearly enough to write a review but enough for us to pen down some initial thoughts. Let’s talk about the Mi MIX 2. Continue reading “Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 First Impressions”