Twitter introduces TikTok-like ‘immersive’ video viewing

Twitter is releasing two major updates to the video viewing experience today to make it simpler to keep up with what’s occurring. Here’s a quick rundown of what you can anticipate from the new video products and how to utilize them, so you don’t miss a moment of the action on Twitter. According to the company, videos published on Twitter garner billions of views a year. Continue reading “Twitter introduces TikTok-like ‘immersive’ video viewing”

Twitter is rolling out “Unmentioning” feature to everyone

The “unmentioning” feature on Twitter, which lets you delete your Twitter handle from a conversation, is currently being gradually rolled out to all users. The platform first made the ability available to a select set of users in April, and it is now accessible to everyone. Continue reading “Twitter is rolling out “Unmentioning” feature to everyone”

Twitter is testing “Unmentioning” feature; rolls out ALT badge globally

Twitter has revealed that it is testing the much-anticipated “unmentioning” function, which would allow users to opt out of conversations in which they do not wish to participate. Previously, the company’s privacy designer, Dominic Camozzi, hinted at the development of this functionality in June 2021. Continue reading “Twitter is testing “Unmentioning” feature; rolls out ALT badge globally”

Twitter now lets you Retweet with GIF, photos and video

Twitter introduced several changes to its platform recently including a dedicated ‘Report’ option, ‘hide replies’ feature and more. Today, Twitter has announced that it is launching the ability to Retweet with GIF, photos, and video.

Continue reading “Twitter now lets you Retweet with GIF, photos and video”