Pebble announces price cuts, $99 for the original and $199 for the Steel


Pebble, the company behind smartwatches with the same name, has announced price cuts for both of its models, alongside a crucial software update that enables continuous activity tracking. The original and the Steel both get a 50$ price cut to $99 and $199 respectively, with the original going back to its initial Kickstarter early bird price tag. With many of the newer Smartwatches selling at much higher prices, Pebble is well positioned to take advantage of the Smartwatch craze and lower the barrier of entry for enthusiasts seeking to try them out.

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Pebble Steel Unboxing and First Impressions


It’s still very early days for smartwatches but Pebble, the Kickstarter success story, already looks like a veteran. Pebble, the first Smartwatch that ignited the whole market frenzy for wearable devices, has been out for a long time, so long that it already got a facelift through Pebble Steel, mainly for people looking at a premium version of the original. It was exactly that, a premium version of the Pebble, adorned with steel, glass and leather, while the original was fully plastic and silicone. There was also a general shift in design and a better overall finish, with minor changes to the power connector and the addition of a LED at the front. These changes also command a premium, with the price at $249, almost matching the recently launched Android Wear devices. We had finally got one a while back, the stainless steel version, so here’s the unboxing of the Pebble Steel, in case you are looking to get one –


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Pebble Smartwatch goes premium with Pebble Steel, it’s thin and comes in two colour variants

Pebble Steel-3qtr-trio-zoom

Exactly one year back, the Pebble was showcased to the public for the first time. It was truly one of the first “Smart”watches at that point in time but now we are in the middle of a revolution, where suddenly everyone wants to make one before giants like Apple make a splash into the hot wearables market. But Pebble has been playing it cool. With a comfortable lead in mind share, the company started to expand from its Kickstarter roots and then updated its smartwatch’s software with a new SDK, support for iOS 7 notifications and more. Initially introduced as a sporty colourful watch, one of the major complaints from many users(including us) was that it looked like a toy and the build quality was rather cheap.

Well, Pebble has a solution for it this year at CES 2014, in the form of the all new Pebble Steel, their new stainless steel chassis for the same good old innards. It has the same e-ink display, the same battery and the lot but it’s now thinner, has a stainless steel frame and is protected by clear Corning Gorilla Glass. Watch it in action in this promo video here –


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