Pebble Steel Unboxing and First Impressions


It’s still very early days for smartwatches but Pebble, the Kickstarter success story, already looks like a veteran. Pebble, the first Smartwatch that ignited the whole market frenzy for wearable devices, has been out for a long time, so long that it already got a facelift through Pebble Steel, mainly for people looking at a premium version of the original. It was exactly that, a premium version of the Pebble, adorned with steel, glass and leather, while the original was fully plastic and silicone. There was also a general shift in design and a better overall finish, with minor changes to the power connector and the addition of a LED at the front. These changes also command a premium, with the price at $249, almost matching the recently launched Android Wear devices. We had finally got one a while back, the stainless steel version, so here’s the unboxing of the Pebble Steel, in case you are looking to get one –


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Demanding a premium price, the Pebble Steel comes in a much bigger box, with a free extra strap in stainless steel. Here are all the box contents in a picture –


  • Pebble Steel with leather strap
  • Extra stainless steel strap
  • Screwdriver for removing straps
  • Information booklets
  • Modified magnetic pin connector for charging via USB


When it comes to the Smartwatch itself, it’s pretty much a great looking Pebble, with a premium fit and finish. The leather strap, the new metal buttons, the new gorilla glass over the display, and even just the notification LED are notable additions and changes. For anyone looking at buying a Pebble, the Steel should be the natural choice as it is just so much better, while retaining all the great things about the Pebble. But it’s no Android Wear Smartwatch with snazzy touchscreens or Google Now alerts, but we are sure those watches can’t stay on for more than 2 days even with minimal use.


The above image is clearly indicative of the changes, but it also shows how similar they are, in, you guessed it right, software. The Pebble Steel runs on the latest software from the company but is pretty much exactly the same on the both, as the experience is something Pebble wants consistent. You get remote Bluetooth capabilities, like controlling music, turning your phone to silent, sending pre-configured messages, and then you get all the notifications that you want displayed on the Pebble. There are also plenty of third party apps and games that work great on the Pebble, augmenting the experience that you already have. It has the same display, the same internals and the same battery life, which is always a good thing. But there’s always more to it than what it seems, so we will get back to you with a full review later, but until then, keep checking our blog for more on the Smartwatch scene. Have any questions? Let us know in the comments section below.

Author: Bharadwaj Chandramouli

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