Obi Alligator S454 vs Lava Iris X1 comparison

Obi Alligator S454 vs Lava Iris X1_fonearena-07

In recent months several Indian smartphone manufacturers have targeted low-mid range segment. Smartphones in this category are compact, offer a small screen that is less than 4.5-inches, and offer specifications usually seen in mid-range smartphones that are priced over Rs. 10,000. The Obi Alligator S454 and Lava Iris X1 belong to this category, so we decided to compare these smartphones. The Obi Alligator S454 was launched last month for Rs. 6,450 and the Lava Iris X1 was originally launched back in May for Rs. 7,999 and the company relaunched the smartphone in August in 8GB variant for the same price.

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