Silicon Image & MHL: A Primer


Its been several years now since mobile phones graduated from being just phones to mobile computing devices. They are now the center of your digital life and are a principal means of consumption and to some extent even creation of your personal content. As capabilities increase however, the humble smartphone is graduating to a greater role. The role of your digital hub. Continue reading “Silicon Image & MHL: A Primer”

Silicon Image introduces MHL 3.0 with support for 4K Ultra HD

Just in time for CES 2014, Silicon Image has introduced the first 4K UHD capable MHL 3.0 solution for mobile smartphones. For those of you who are not aware of MHL, it is a solution that lets you stream content from your smartphone to a larger display via a port and wired connection. With MHL 3.0, smartphones can now 4K content to TVs without loss in quality. MHL not only transfers high quality data, but also charges the device.


Speaking at the launch event, the senior director of marketing at Silicon Image, David Kuo stated that “Silicon Image continues to lead the industry in HD connectivity solutions by delivering the first suite of products featuring MHL 3.0 functionality and 4K Ultra HD support to deliver cinema quality resolution from mobile devices to displays. With Silicon Image’s MHL 3.0 ICs, mobile device manufacturers can seamlessly incorporate the new enhancements of MHL 3.0 into their flagship products that feature interactive Ultra HD mobile PC and gaming applications.”

MHL 2.0 had support for 1080p transfer and now with UHD, there is a need for a bandwidth twice its size and MHL 3.0 provides that along with a wider color gamut for richer visual experience. MHL 3.0 is a bi-directional channel and hence it allows support for external storage and various input options like mouse, keyboard and gaming controllers. The new MHL 3.0 will be showcased during CES 2014 scheduled for the first week of January 2014. MHL 3.0 may find its place in the next year flagships which are rumored to come with 2K displays and support for 4K content.

Samsung Galaxy S II USB OTG Adapter Available Now

We know that most of you are waiting for the release of the official USB OTG (On The Go) adapter for the Samsung Galaxy S II. But if you are in need of one right now, there is hope.

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