Samsung 4G at CommunicAsia 2010

Here is a short video of the Samsung 4G  Booth at CommunicAsia 2010. I saw landlines which had a Touchscreen UI, Video Calling , Youtube playback and lots more. If we thought landlines were dead , won’t you crave for such a phone ?

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LG Optimus Z launched in Korea

LG has launched the Optimus Z in Korea which is also known by model numbers SU950 / KU9500. This is an Android Smartphone powered by a 1GHz CPU. LG is launching this handset with Android 2.1 OS but is promising an update to 2.2 before end of this year. This is the 3rd device in the Optimus Range from the Korean handset maker. Continue reading “LG Optimus Z launched in Korea”

iPhone enters Korea as Apple takes on Samsung and LG

iphone korea

WSJ reports that iPhone is already shaking up Korea as operator KT is launching the iPhone in South Korea on November 28th that’s today !  After getting regulatory clearance that Apple iPhone is not a Smartphone (South Korea has a ruling that does not allow smart phones to be sold ) the handset is going on sale today and already 50,000 pre-orders have been placed for this device. Continue reading “iPhone enters Korea as Apple takes on Samsung and LG”