Hulu Plus comes to Android

The Online TV site Hulu Plus has finally made it to Android. There are loads of people who love to watch TV on the go with their android devices, and with display of these devices ranging from 4.7” to 3.8”, it would be a real pleasure. So Hulu has finally decided to roll out Hulu Plus application for Android devices.

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HTC to launch Android powered Holiday via AT&T?

We just told you that HTC is making an Android tablet which will hit AT&T later this summer. Now it looks like both HTC and AT&T are on a roll and they are planning to launch several devices this year. PocketNow now got their hands on a render image of an Android powered HTC phone and its codename is HTC Holiday and it’s bounded for AT&T. Continue reading “HTC to launch Android powered Holiday via AT&T?”