Android Market app limit increased to 4GB from 50MB

Google has increased the App limit in the Android Market from 50MB to 4GB. This would let the app developers to upload high-quality 3D interactive games of higher size easily. The size of your APK file is limited to 50MB to ensure secure on-device storage, but expansion files can be attached to the  APK. Continue reading “Android Market app limit increased to 4GB from 50MB”

View Android Marketplace Apps On Web

Android Market on the web lets you view apps on web but only few top free and paid apps. The marketplace itself says that for full up to date list you will have to check Android Marketplace through your Android Handset. But what if you want to browse the apps from web? Of course you will need a full up to date comprehensive list of apps to browse through. There are few sites that provide you to browse through Android Market place:

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