View Android Marketplace Apps On Web

Android Market on the web lets you view apps on web but only few top free and paid apps. The marketplace itself says that for full up to date list you will have to check Android Marketplace through your Android Handset. But what if you want to browse the apps from web? Of course you will need a full up to date comprehensive list of apps to browse through. There are few sites that provide you to browse through Android Market place:


Androlib provides a comprehensive list of Android apps categorized as applications, games, recent apps and the top apps. It also provides a GTalk bot so that you can search directly from your GTalk. All you have to do is add on your gtalk and search for your query. We tried adding the bot but it looks like its offline for quite a sometime now. Once you have located your app you can rate the app, add to your favorites, submit screenshots, comment or scan the QR code and download the app. Of course it offers all the above features only if you register with them.


My personal favorite being Androidzoom for its perfect categorization of the apps. If you want an app to calculate your net salary, you can search in the finance category. Want something for your songs? browse the Multimedia Category. You can also look out for only-free and only-paid apps. Moreover, the design of the site is so neat that you might end up getting more apps for your Android than you expected. True! No kidding.  The only thing lacking on this site is you cannot review, comment on the app and in return get no information from end users about the app before downloading.

So which app for Android did you download today?