1MORE Piston Fit Wireless Review

Wired earphone market dominated for quite a long time and over the course of years, users are transitioning to wireless audio, thanks to smartphone manufacturers (not all) removing the most liked 3.5mm audio jack. While truly wireless earbuds are becoming popular swiftly among consumers, there are a lot of users still who prefer wireless neckband earphones. Lately, many brands are coming up with neckband style wireless earphones and the choice is plenty for consumers to choose from. We have reviewed wireless neckband earphones from brands like Mi, realme, etc, and the latest product to join the list is 1MORE Piston Fit wireless earphones. 1More is a popular brand in the audio segment, and they have some great products like 1MORE Piston Fit (wired), 1MORE Stylish TWS, and more. In this review, let us find out if the 1MORE Piston Fit wireless is worth buying or not.

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