Android leads with 51.8% US Smartphone market share, Motorola jumps to 3rd place

comscore - us smartphone - platform split

comScore published its quarterly report for the period of Q4 2013 today and the results show a slight dip in market share for Android. Compared to Q3 2013, Android showed a 0.3 percent dip to reach 51.5 percent market penetration. Trailing Android is Apple with 41.8 percent of the smartphone market being powered by iOS. This was a slight rise from the 40.60% market share it enjoyed in Q3 2013. The launch of the iPhone 5s and 5c are expected to have played a role in this rise. The remaining marketshare was split between with BlackBerry and Microsoft which are at third and fourth spots respectively with 3.4%, 3.1% penetration.

comscore - us smartphone oem split

In terms of Smartphone OEM market shares, Leaping over HTC and LG was Motorola that managed to gain 6.7% of the smartphone market share. This was no doubt catalyzed by good reviews and demand for its Moto G handset. The top two positions are held by Samsung and Apple. While the Korean company is the leading Android smartphone manufacturer, it still manages just 26.1% of the smartphone market share. Apple is clearly the leading smartphone manufacturer here with 41.8% of the US smartphone market. Apple launched the iPhone 5s and 5c in the fourth quarter of 2013 alongside a refreshed version of iOS dubbed iOS 7.

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