Forget the 3.5 inch display , How about blogging on a 21 inch TV with the N900


The Nokia N900 has a great 3.5 inch Touchscreen display with 800 × 480 pixels which works pretty well under most conditions . But don’t  we always crave for larger displays ?  How about blogging on a 21 inch TV with the N900 . Apart from blogging the TV-out feature of the N900 is so cool that you can watch Youtube videos playing on the phone browser on your TV  (with audio ofcourse)

Imaging playing games on your TV with your phone. Nokia has got brilliant hardware on the N900 but the Maemo apps  and games are still evolving. Nokia is doing a developer event in India called DevCon 2009 and Maemo is part of the agenda. Lets see what comes out of the Developer Conference.

Here is the multiplayer version of the Quake3 game being shown off during the Maemo Summit


Part of this post was typed on the N900 when it was connected to the TV.

Author: Team FoneArena

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