Sony Ericsson ROCKS in 2007

Sony Ericsson’s Q4 results are out and the company has surpassed the predictions of analysts. Sony Ericsson has done really well in all the departments. Year 2007 was market share capturing year for Sony Ericsson, this year saw some successful launches by this Swedish-Japanese mobile handset manufacturer. Sony Ericsson also said that the ASP of their mobile handsets rose to 123 Euros from 120 Euros.
Sony Ericsson sold over 100 million handsets in 2007 with strong margins and growth rate. Music being one of its strengths, Sony Ericsson has sold apprx. 145 million music enabled phones till date; 57 million being Walkman branded. Walkman branded phones have really done wonders to the growth of Sony Ericsson in sales as well as portfolio. In the music phones category Sony Ericsson gives tough competition to Nokia and Samsung; if you go by my opinion listening music on a Sony Ericsson Walkman branded phone is like heaven, may that is what is doing wonders for them. I really wish that their Cyber-Shot branded phones do well in the market, but 2007 was like a (Y)ear of Music for Sony Ericsson. The company kick-started 2008 by launching 2 Walkman branded phones, it seems that in 2008 also Walkman branded phones would be significantly responsible for Sony Ericsson’s success. I hope Nokia is making a note of it and planning their strategy for the year 2008. Till then…congrats to Sony Ericsson.

[All Numbers Via: CNN Money & Reuters]

Author: Team FoneArena

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