Leaked Moto X video reveals an always listening Google Now with a sleeping screen


Seemingly controlled, yet another new Moto X leak has been let loose on the Internet. This time, it’s not the Google Chariman, but the Canadian carrier Rogers. In a “Tech Talk Experts” video, Rogers shows off the black Moto X, which very much looks like the Nexus 4, but shows off rather intriguing functionality. The Moto X is always listening to your voice for commands, just like the Google glass and will let you talk to it, without touching the phone. Much like the Microsoft Kinect on the Xbox One, Google Now always keeps its ears open for a specific command, in this case – “Ok Google Now”. A few more interesting features have been revealed, but watch the video first –


As you saw above, the Google Now service always listens to you to respond to your queries. Think of it as the Google glass functionality brought right into your smartphone. Also, don’t fret, there will be an option to turn it off of course. Like all modern voice recognition services, the Moto X can understand your voice and activates voice commands only to your voice, which is much needed in these days of high tech fraud.

“Active updates” are small and quick notifications on the blank powered down screen that turn up to notify you of a new update. This works much like the “Sleeping screen” function in Nokia devices, but powered on only when notifications appear. This comes in super handy and we are glad that this kind of a at-a-glance functionality is coming to Android devices finally.

The camera UX takes a new turn, literally, with activation aided by a turn and twist rotation of the wrist. While that was weird, the camera UI also has gone really clean with tap to take a photo, rather than tap to focus and take a photo. That said, these “controlled” leaks in our opinion can just stop and give way for the official device soon, and we hope to see some more innovation from the Google-owned Motorola. So, are you looking forward to seeing more about the Moto X? Sound off on what you would like to see in the Moto X, in the comments section below. One more photo of Eric’s Moto X for your viewing pleasure 😛


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Author: Bharadwaj Chandramouli

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