Mobile Projector courtesy 3M

Who does not know 3M? They are the guys who gave us products like the Post-It Notes, Scotch Brite etc. 3M’s products look simple and are used for even simpler tasks but the kind of innovation and technology that goes behind making those products is simply incomparable. 3M.jpg

Whenever 3M comes with a new product, no matter how simple it is, they make sure that the world gets up and gives attention. This time the company has come out with an ultra-compact, LED-illuminated, which can be embedded into any electronic device. The device is small as a mobile earpiece and can deliver crisp and brilliant VGA images. It is reported that 3M confirmed the availability of this engine for mobile phone manufacturers. This device has the ability of projecting images 40inches or more wider, when used with a mobile handset. I am damn sure that when this device is made available to consumers in their mobile phones, it will be a hit with enterprise phone users. Enterprise phones are now compatible with various formats of documents like PDF, PPT, XLS, Doc etc. Now whenever a person wants to give presentation to a group of people, he just needs two things, mobile phone with this projector and good content and the rest will be taken care of.

Author: Team FoneArena

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