Asus Padfone Infinity first non-Apple device to use a nanoSIM card

While we are playing with the impressive Asus Padfone Infinity earlier today , we noticed that the phone was incredibly thin and also had a solid construction. What got our attention was the nano-SIM card slot on the top left of the new PadFone infinity.Currently Apple is only device maker which uses a nano SIM card in the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini Cellular version. Here is the official spec sheet from Asus confirming the presence of the nanoSIM card slot on the PadFone Infinity.

Asus joins Apple in making the SIM cards in our phones smaller ! Hope more handset manufacturers going the nanoSIM way will make availability of such SIM cards easier.Personally I still love the the full size SIM card and was a lot easier to keep track of. It is a lot more easier to lose microSIM and nanoSIM cards in the wild !

Author: Varun Krish

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