Yellow Nokia Lumia 920 Photo Gallery

Yellow is awesome. Why am I saying that? Well, because my Nokia Lumia 920 looks absolutely great in yellow! When I decided to actually buy one, my color choices became clear quite easily: red or yellow. There could only be those two. Black and white are just so outdated. Anyways, after I’ve received my shiny new, yellow 920, and some initial problems were sorted out (I’ve received a faulty device, which got replaced), it was my turn to produce a nice photo gallery of Nokia’s latest and greatest!

The 4,5 inch, PureMotion HD+ display is a sight to behold. We have a resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels, and it looks much more realistic than the color-boosting AMOLED models, reacts very fast and can even be used with gloves on! I like very much!

Polycarbonate, debuted with the Nokia N9, was also used for the Lumia 920’s unibody. Although it looks and feels great, I’m not a great fan of the glossy coating, which makes it quite slippery, and sometimes a bit difficult to handle. The backside is also home of the 8,7 Megapixel camera with dual LED flash and Nokia’s PureView technology. More on the camera in an upcoming post.

The 920 also introduces another new technology for Nokia: wireless charging. While I haven’t got my own charging kit yet, I was able to try it on a recent Nokia event, and I can confirm it’s working just fine. While the 2000mAh battery works surprisingly well for me, I’m not sure I could justify the costs though.

The microSIM card slot has not changed from the Lumia 900 and still has to be opened via this pin. I have lost those pins a couple of time now, and i just don’t see the point of this stupid mechanism. Please, Nokia, fix that in your next device, seriously.

A size comparison with it’s older brother, the Lumia 900. I don’t know why Nokia has designed the 920 with so much space underneath the display. I think they could have made it the same height as the 900 easily. Did the new tech require that much more space, considering the rather thick device? Oh and just to make one thing clear: I don’t mind the thicker body, i personally think it’s better to use, rather than those superthin smartphones!

The box of the Lumia 920, no big surprises there. But yes, the yellow one comes with yellow headphones. I love it!

Below are a lot more photos, showing the Nokia Lumia 920 from almost every angle possible! Do you have a 920? How do you like it?

Author: Michael Hell

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