Jabra Supreme UC Bluetooth Headset Photo Gallery

Here are some fresh photos of the Jabra Supreme UC bluetooth headset! The Supreme is one of Jabra’s many headset solutions, focussing not only on mobile phone calls, but also on internet calls. It’s packing a plethora of features, including active noise cancellation, multiuse feature (connects the headset to 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously), voice commands and many more. The feature list reads very nice and always keen to try fresh headsets, we are eager to put this headset through it’s paces. A big thanks goes out to Frauke from Namu-PR Germany for sending a review unit! Enjoy our photo gallery, including the full package content!

The package includes the Jabra Supreme UC bluetooth headset, USB bluetooth receiver, wall- and car charger, USB cable, two different soft ear cushions and a second earhook.

Folding the boom arm of the Supreme UC will switch the headset off, unfolding will quickly reactivate and reconnect it to the bluetooth device(s).

Our review of the Jabra Supreme UC will be up soon!

Author: Michael Hell

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