E90, the King of Communicators gets a Firmware Update after 8 months

The aging E90 Communicator has just received a firmware update from Nokia after almost Eight months and is now at  v. 400.34.93 up from v. 300.34.84 which it received in October 2008. The details of Firmware changes have not yet trickled out but as always one can expect the firmware update to make the device faster, more stable and fix some bugs.

The Maps and Flash has been updated but Maps 3.0 is still not supported neither is Ovi support integrated into the device. Since the E90 does not support UDP(User Data Preservation), you need to take a backup of the device and the update it and restore it to get your data back.

Those of you have updated your E90, do share with us here if you find any other changes, as a V300 to V400 firmware update should have some significant changes