HTC to provide Sensation and Sensation XE users in Europe with ‘Early access preview’ of Android 4.0

Android 4.0 was a major upgrade from all the Android versions and all the users are looking forward to take a bite at it, the only problem is that the manufacturers are taking too long to cook Android 4.0 for these devices. But HTC is finally showing signs of upgrading some of the devices pretty soon, just like Sony Ericsson provided a peek of Android 4.0 for some of it’s device a few months back HTC will be providing the Android 4.0 update as a preview for all the Sensation and Sesation XE users in the Europe.

So HTC has planned this so that while everyone is waiting for the final dish to arrive, there will be something to play with and satisfy the customers, though it will not be completely baked. But there is a sad part too, you will not be able to directly download and apply this update, it will be first used by the people in the elevate beta program and the T-Mobile subscribers excluding the Sensation 4G. Well there is no need for all the people outside Europe to be angry, because as soon as this update goes live it will be available for all you guys to flash. So this is a good sign from HTC to fulfilling their customers needs, after all the customers should be treated as Gods. 🙂

Source: TheVerge