Samsung shows off Color E-Paper, TV BED Series and more

Samsung Electronics is showcasing SmartThings Pro and new display technologies for its digital signage line-up at InfoComm in Las Vegas, from June 12, 2024.

SmartThings Pro

SmartThings Pro enhances Samsung’s smart home technology for businesses, improving sustainability, automation, and overall business experience.

It offers customizable APIs for seamless integration and features AI Energy Mode, which reduces energy consumption based on ambient brightness, content analysis, and motion detection.

Users can monitor IoT devices through a user-friendly dashboard that provides AI-driven analysis, promoting efficient energy use. SmartThings Pro supports various corporate devices like SMART Signage, hospitality displays, air conditioning systems, and digital appliances.

It helps manage environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and lighting, and integrates with sensors like cameras for enhanced monitoring and control, resulting in more efficient and sustainable operations while reducing costs.

Key partners showcasing API integrations include:

  • Cisco: Integrating video devices with Webex Control Hub.
  • Aqara: Enhancing the Smart Hotel experience.
  • Quividi: Developing a retail analytics solution using its VidiCenter data platform.
Samsung Color E-Paper

Samsung has introduced the Samsung Color E-Paper (EMDX model), an ultra-low power display ideal for replacing analog or paper promotional materials. It operates at 0.00W when displaying static images and uses minimal power when changing images.

The 32-inch screen features QHD resolution (2,560 x 1,440) and a 60,000-color gamut, weighs only 2.9kg, and is 17.9mm thick. It can be installed on walls, tables, or ceilings without additional mounts.

The Color E-Paper includes a mobile app for easy content creation and supports the Samsung VXT solution for real-time monitoring and remote management of multiple displays.

It features two USB-C ports, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 8GB flash memory, and an interchangeable bezel. Utilizing E Ink Spectra 6 technology, it offers enhanced color spectrum and imaging for in-store advertising and indoor signage.

Interactive Whiteboard (WAD Series)

The Interactive Whiteboard, announced earlier at ISE, now includes generative AI features.

It offers automatic transcription of spoken lessons, generates detailed class summaries, and creates quizzes based on the teacher’s voice, written material, and educational content.

The board also features voice recognition technology from Merlyn Mind, enhancing control and functionality for educational environments. These features will be available for all three sizes of the WAD series later this year.

Samsung Business TV BED Series

Samsung’s Business TV BED series offers UHD picture quality and flexible functionality in sizes ranging from 43 to 85 inches. It is designed for various sectors, including restaurants, education, small/home offices, and other small businesses.

Launching globally in Q3, the TV can be managed via the Samsung Business TV App on Android and iOS, supporting SmartThings Pro and Samsung VXT for smooth device management and 4K clarity.


Samsung will showcase SmartThings Pro and its new display technologies at Booth W1225 during InfoComm, the largest professional audio-visual industry trade show in North America, from June 12 to June 14, 2024.

Speaking about SmartThings Pro, Chanwoo Park, Executive Vice President at Samsung Electronics, said:

We will further enhance Samsung’s IoT solutions for the B2B market through SmartThings Pro. Our customized solutions strengthen display performance in apartment buildings, residential spaces, public facilities like schools, and commercial spaces such as retail, hotels, and offices. SmartThings will not only improve performance for these operators but also reduce costs.