Corning Gorilla Glass 7i for mid-range and budget smartphones announced

Corning Incorporated has announced the release of Corning Gorilla Glass 7i, a new tough glass for mid-range and budget smartphones. It’s designed to be stronger against drops and scratches compared to other similar glasses.

Corning Gorilla Glass 7i

Tests at Corning labs showed that Gorilla Glass 7i can survive falls of up to one meter on surfaces like asphalt. Other glasses of this type often fail when dropped from even shorter distances. Plus, Gorilla Glass 7i is twice as resistant to scratches as its competitors.

David Velasquez, VP of Corning Gorilla Glass, emphasized the importance of durability for mobile device users. Gorilla Glass 7i aims to offer advanced toughness at an affordable price, helping more people protect their investment in smartphones.

The need for Gorilla Glass 7i comes from the use of older glass versions, like Gorilla Glass 5 from 2016, in recently launched devices such as the Nothing Phone (2a) and Poco F6 Pro.

With these older glasses being several years old, there’s a rising demand for a modern solution that suits modest budgets while offering better protection for today’s larger, higher-quality displays found in mid-range phones, like the Pixel 8a, which still uses Gorilla Glass 3 from 2013.

OPPO will be the first to feature Gorilla Glass 7i in their smartphones, according to Corning. Details about these devices are expected to be announced soon.

Although primarily aimed at phones, Gorilla Glass 7i can also be used for other devices like smartwatches that need durable glass to resist scratches and falls.

In reference to the launch, David Velasquez, VP and General Manager at Corning Gorilla Glass, said:

We’re dedicated to assisting our customers in overcoming their most challenging technological hurdles across all market segments – from entry-level phones to their premium flagship devices. Gorilla Glass 7i exemplifies Corning’s crucial role in advancing glass technology to address the changing demands of every consumer.