Samsung EVO Select and EVO Plus microSD Cards with up to 512GB capacity, up to 160MB/s read speeds announced

Samsung Electronics America has unveiled the latest versions of its EVO Select and EVO Plus microSD cards, tailored for mobile devices and handheld gaming consoles.

These cards offer faster transfer speeds of up to 160 MB/s, marking a 23% boost from their predecessors. The upgraded microSD cards provide swift, dependable, and rugged storage in various capacities to suit your requirements, ensuring compatibility across multiple devices.

Moreover, their Grade 3 (U3) Speed Grade guarantees compatibility with most high-resolution and 4K video recording devices. MicroSD cards with capacities of 128GB and above support an application performance class of A2, crucial for installing and utilizing applications with a microSD card on your mobile device.

They also boast a video speed class rating of V30, facilitating the swift transfer of large video files. Samsung’s six-proof protection ensures durability against water, extreme temperatures, x-ray, wear-out, drops, and magnetic impact.

On the other hand, the PRO Plus microSD line caters to photographers, videographers, and content creators with action cameras and drones, featuring transfer speeds of up to 160 MB/s for seamless 4K ultra-high definition (UHD) and Full HD (FHD) video and photo capture.

Pricing and Availability

The Samsung EVO Select and EVO Plus microSD cards are now available for purchase on and select retailers, with all lines and capacities backed by a ten-year limited warranty, and pricing as follows:

EVO Select microSD

  • 64GB: USD 14.99 (Rs. 1,245 approx.).
  • 128GB: USD 18.99 (Rs. 1,580 approx.).
  • 256GB: USD 29.99 (Rs. 2,495 approx.).
  • 512GB: USD 55.99 (Rs. 4,660 approx.).

EVO Plus microSD

  • 64GB: USD 15.99 (Rs. 1,330 approx.).
  • 128GB: USD 20.99 (Rs. 1,745 approx.).
  • 256GB: USD 31.99 (Rs. 2,660 approx.).
  • 512GB: USD 60.99 (Rs. 5,075 approx.).

PRO Plus microSD

  • 128GB: USD 19.99 (Rs. 1,660 approx.).
  • 256GB: USD 27.99 (Rs. 2,330 approx.).
  • 512GB: USD 49.99 (Rs. 4,160 approx.).

Samsung has also confirmed that the 1TB EVO Select and 1TB PRO Plus microSD card options will be available later this year.

Commenting on the launch, Jose Hernandez, Senior Director of Memory Product Marketing at Samsung, said:

As the mobile and handheld gaming market continues to grow, we aimed to enhance data transfers on these devices with our upgraded EVO Select and EVO Plus lines. Recognizing the demand for increased storage options, such as a 1TB memory card for storing digital files such as games, video footage from phones, cameras, and drones, photos, and creative designs, we’ve introduced this addition to our lineup. With this expansion, you can trust that you’ll have ample space, swift speeds, and the durability required to endure for years to come.