Review : Proporta BeachBuoy and OverBoard Waterproof Cases

Planning to head to the beach ? Or got some water sports in mind ? If you’re like me , then your phone has to follow wherever you go. Unfortunately our phones are not weatherproof yet and that is where cases come in to save our investments. I recently had a chance to go white water rafting and what better opportunity to test out waterproof cases than out on the rapids !

The great guys over at Mobile Fun hooked us up with the Proporta BeachBuoy and the OverBoard waterproof case to test out what they are capable of.  These cases are really not meant to be put to extreme use but rather as protection against splashes while at the pool or the beach but i decided to take the risk nonetheless. The set up included a Nokia N8 and a Nokia C6 packed inside the two cases while out on the rapids. The plan was to capture photographs and videos.

Proporta BeachBuoy

The Proporta BeachBuoy is a rather large case due to it being a one size fits all type of case. The case leaves transparent panels on both sides to allow full control of your gadgets. A draw string is also attached to allow you to attach it to a belt clip if you so wish.


The spec sheet of the Proporta BeachBuoy reads as follows :

  • Guaranteed waterproof to 5 metres/16 feet
  • BSI approved (IP57/IP58)
  • Use your device whilst within the case – make calls, use touch screens and buttons
  • Protect your valuables from water, dust and sand

The BeachBuoy uses a dual locking mechanism where in you seal via a zip lock style mechanism followed by wrapping it over strapping the velcro strap shut.

The seal is tight and no water seepage takes place.

OverBoard Case

The OverBoard case is much more compact in comparison to the BeachBuoy resulting in a tighter fit. The smaller size makes it more portable and easier to hold in the hand.

Key Features:

  • 100 Waterproof (Class 5)
  • Guaranteed submersible to 19ft / 6m
  • LENZFLEX back window for ultra clear photos
  • Transparent front window allowing full use of phone features
  • Make and take phone calls when the phone is sealed in the case
  • Keeps out dust, sand and dirt
  • Supplied with neck lanyard and moisture sensitive desiccant sachet
  • Perfect for most phones

Due to its tighter fit , the transparent panels cling close to the screen and camera lens of the phone which makes it easier to use it. My Nokia N8 was a perfect fit in it during the entire rafting experience.

The locking mechanism on the OverBoard case is even more secure than the one on the BeachBuoy. After the preliminary zip lock style seal , you are required to pull out two tabs. The seal is very tight and requires significant effort to open.


Test Images

Now keep in mind that the cases are not meant for use underwater however i decided to ignore the warning to see how much the cases could take. Turns out , they can definitely protect your smartphone and also allow you to capture some great shots while you’re at it.




Overall both the cases do an excellent job at protecting the phones from water damage. You really can’t go wrong with either of them but  if i wanted to nitpick , i’d go with the OverBoard case. Why ? Well the more compact fit makes it easier to grip in my experience.
The Proporta BeachBuoy and the OverBoard case can be bought online at Mobile Fun and are worth every penny you spend in case you’re going out swimming , fishing or just to the beach with your phone.

Author: Dhruv Bhutani

Your friendly neighborhood techie. Currently using a Pixel 2 XL. Catch him on Twitter (@DhruvBhutani) / Facebook .