OnePlus and Jio to set up 5G Innovation Lab in India

Reliance Jio and OnePlus have announced a new partnership focused on maximizing the potential of 5G technology in India. This collaboration combines Jio’s technology and infrastructure with OnePlus’s innovation to create unique experiences for users.

The joint effort aims to offer unique features and an exceptional network experience for OnePlus and Jio True 5G users. To support these initiatives, both companies are establishing a cutting-edge 5G Innovation Lab.

This dedicated space will be a central hub for testing and developing new technologies, ensuring a futuristic experience for users of OnePlus and Jio True 5G. This close collaboration is poised to transform the development and testing of features, leading to quicker implementation and delivery for end-users.

Speaking about the collaboration, OnePlus spokesperson, said:

We embrace the challenge of pushing the boundaries of what is achievable, and our collaboration with Jio underscores that dedication. This partnership represents a daring stride into the future of connectivity, where innovation has no limits. Together, Jio and OnePlus India are poised to reshape the 5G landscape in the country, offering users a preview of the boundless possibilities that await.

Commenting on the partnership with OnePlus, Jio spokesperson, said:

Jio True 5G stands as the premier 5G network in India. Presently, our comprehensive True 5G network blankets the entire nation, with Jio contributing 85% to the overall 5G deployment in India. This collaboration with OnePlus marks a crucial stride towards unveiling enchanting 5G experiences for our users. In the upcoming months, our users can anticipate superior and enriched gaming, streaming, and an overall enhanced 5G usage experience.