Samsung India launches Samsung Education Hub app for TVs and smart monitors

Samsung India has partnered with Physics Wallah, an online ed-tech platform, for the launch of the Samsung Education Hub TV and smart monitor app.

This initiative is aimed at enhancing the role of TV in a household as an educational aid by providing an option to attend online classes on a bigger screen, said the company.

The app will allow access to both live classes and on-demand education content to students from the 6th grade through the 12th grade in the CBSE Board, as well as those preparing for competitive examinations such as IIT and NEET.

The existing Physics Wallah subscribers can access content seamlessly while others will have an option to try any one of the ‘premium live courses’ and Physics Wallah Khazaana content for up to 2 months on their TVs or Smart Monitors for free.

Consumers can also avail 20% discount on the course fee for any one of Physics Wallah’s premium live courses of their choice.


The new Samsung Education Hub app will be accessible on all 2023 Samsung TVs and Samsung Smart Monitors. The rollout will also extend to older models released in 2020 and later in a phased manner.

Regarding the matter, Dipesh Shah, Head of India Consumer Experience Team at Samsung said,

With the Samsung Education Hub app, we seek to expand the role of TV in households beyond mere entertainment and make online learning a seamless experience on the big screen. This ‘designed-for-TV’ education app is set to revolutionise online learning, offering students from 6th to 12th grade and competitive examination aspirants a seamless and engaging educational experience. Through this initiative, we envision a future where learning knows no boundaries, and knowledge is accessible at the touch of a remote.

Chief Strategy Officer of Physics Wallah, Abhishek Mishra said,

Our mission has always been to make education accessible to students through every possible means – be it phones, tablets, laptops, TVs, or hybrid modes. This collaboration is a step towards widening the distribution of quality content. Now, students can enjoy a better learning experience in the comfort of their homes, on bigger screens. We believe this will enhance their understanding and retention of knowledge.