Google Nexus S for AT&T exclusively available at BestBuy

Google Nexus S was officially launched last year which was launched as successor to Nexus One, and it was also the first one to run on Gingerbread a.k.a Android 2.3. In USA, T-Mobile was the first carrier to officially launch it and then few months ago, Sprint launched its 4G version. We heard back in February that Nexus S will be hitting AT&T soon but then few days ago, after 4 months AT&T officially launched the Nexus S. I would say it’s very later but still Nexus S is considered as one of the best Android devices in the market. AT&T announced that it will be launched on July 24 and for only $99 with 2-yr contract. Well, if you are thinking that you will be available to get one directly from AT&T store, then you better stop thinking it because AT&T Nexus S is only exclusive to BestBuy, so go to this page and order your Nexus S now, and hopefully it will be shipped in 2-5 business days.

As I said, AT&T is too late but still not very much. Google will be launching Ice Cream Sandwich later this year which will be the latest version of Android and we heard that Google will also launch a Nexus branded device which will be the first one to rock on it. As Google is still updating their first ever Nexus device known as Nexus One with new Android updates, I am sure that Nexus S will receive the Ice Cream Sandwich update. Anyway, let’s wait to hear some official words from either AT&T or Samsung.

So anyone planning to buy one from BestBuy? Or you are looking forward to rumored Nexus 4G?