Samsung upcoming WP7 Mango device revealed by Microsoft

A few days ago, we reported that Samsung will be launching the WP7 version of Galaxy S II and it will be Samsung’s first ever Mango device and guess what? Microsoft officially unveiled the Samsung upcoming device during the Microsoft Worldwide Partner conference this Tuesday and the device looks a lot like the SGS2. As you can in the image above, it features three traditional WP7 buttons (Home, Back, Search) and you can see it’s running on WP7. The device is thin and beautiful like the SGS2 and it seems that it features the same Super AMOLED display. Microsoft didn’t tell us about the specs of the device but I hope it will be cleared soon when they will officially launch WP7 devices in September.

This device will come as a successor to Omnia 7 which is considered as one of the best WP7 devices available in the market. As SGS2 is rocking the Android world at the moment, I am sure that this device will be one of the most anticipated Mango devices. Microsoft’s Andy Lee also confirmed that HTC, Acer, LG, ZTE, and Fujitsu will also launch new WP7 devices this year. So anyone out there looking forward to the WP7 brother of SGS2?