Samsung launching WP7 version of Galaxy S II?

Samsung is one of the largest mobile phone manufacturers in the world and they have made some amazing devices in last few years. They recently launched the Samsung Galaxy S II which is considered as one of the best Android devices at the moment and Samsung sold 3 million Galaxy S II units in just 55 days and it’s now Samsung’s fastest selling device. Now a Samsung device is showing up on Bluetooth SIG and its model number is SGH-i937 and WMPU is reporting that it’s a Windows Phone 7 Mango device, because the Bluetooth profile of SGH-i937 is same to WP7 profile and also the device is showing up on Occasional Gamers list of WP7 handsets, I think it’s enough to prove that it’s a WP7 device.

Also rumors are on the street that this device will be similar to SGSII, like it will feature a dual-core processor, slim design, Super AMOLED display and some other features of it. So actually Samsung is working on a SGSII with Windows Phone 7 but it’s just a rumor so take it with a grain of salt, but I am sure Windows Phone lovers will love to see a device like SGSII running on WP7 Mango, no?

Well, so far that’s all we know about this upcoming device. I hope we will be able to see a leaked screenshot in a near future. So anyone interested in SGSII with WP7 colors?

Note: Image above is just a mock-up

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