Haier MetaLustre ‘Made in India’ refrigerators launched

Haier India has launched the MetaLustre series of refrigerators, featuring a colorful steel finish in both top-mounted and bottom-mounted options. These fridges are manufactured at the advanced facility in Ranjangaon, Pune, as part of a ‘Made in India, Made for India’ product.

The MetaLustre refrigerators sport a vibrant steel finish in three colors: Green Inox, Storm Inox, and GE Black. The range includes various capacities to suit different family needs, such as Top Mount (240 Litres), Bottom Mount (237 Litres), Big Top Mount (328 Litres), and Big Bottom Mount (325 Litres).

The latter options reduce the need for bending and provide extra storage space. All Top Mount and Big Top Mount models feature stabilizer-free operation, protecting the fridge from voltage fluctuations. This ensures durability and saves users the hassle of using an external stabilizer.

The Top Mount and Big Top Mount models come with a Turbo Icing feature, ensuring quick cooling and preserving food’s freshness. For Bottom Mount models, there’s a 1-Hour icing feature for speedy freezing.

The Big Top Mount and Big Bottom Mount models incorporate Triple Inverter and Dual Fan technology, making them energy-efficient and ensuring even cooling. They also offer a Twin Energy Saving Mode for eco-conscious users.

With the convertible feature, you can transform the fridge into 100% Fridge Space and regulate the temperature of each section separately. This allows you to create ideal conditions for preserving different food items, catering to the needs of Indian households efficiently, with options ranging from 5-in-1 to 14-in-1 convertible features.

Pricing and availability

The Haier MetaLustre series of refrigerators comes with a 2-year warranty on the product and a 10-year warranty on the compressor, with pricing as follows.

They will be available in retail stores across India from today.

Commenting on the launch, NS Satish, President, Haier Appliances India said,

In a world where customers seek high-end home appliances, Haier’s new Metalustre refrigerators are poised to transform the kitchen. Their vibrant steel finish isn’t just for storage; it’s for inspiration and elevating every kitchen encounter.

The introduction of this colorful steel finish underscores Haier’s dedication to both functionality and aesthetics. It exemplifies our commitment to comprehending the diverse preferences and needs of Indian consumers and delivering top-tier products to customers nationwide.