Haier 306 series top-load washing machines launched in India

Haier Appliances India, also known as Haier India, has unveiled a new lineup of washing machines in India. These washing machines belong to the 306 series and introduce an innovative feature called “Ultra Fresh Air” that preserves clothing freshness after each wash.

This laundry solution series offers fabric care through modern technologies, aligning with Haier’s mission to promote “Inspired Living” through product innovation. The smart top-load washing machines feature a soft closing door for added safety.

The 306 series is packed with cutting-edge features, including:

Ultra-Fresh Air and Enhanced Hygiene: Haier’s 306 series effectively deals with post-wash clothing odors. The Ultra Fresh Air technology maintains consistent airflow within the drum during the wash cycle, preventing moisture retention in clothes. The Anti-Bacterial Pulsator ensures a hygienic wash by preventing bacterial growth on the fabric surface, leaving clothes odor-free.

Oceanus Wave Drum: These washing machines come with a unique drum design, the Oceanus wave drum, offering gentle care to your clothes.

Near-Zero Pressure Technology: Ideal for high-rise buildings and homes with low water pressure, the 306 series machines are designed to provide an optimal wash even at extremely low water pressure (0.01 Mpa).

Smart Fuzzy Logic: Haier’s 306 series incorporates Fuzzy Logic, which assesses the degree of dirt and grease, determines the right amount of soap and water, controls the spinning direction, and more. The washing load is adjusted for proper spinning, and a Quick Wash feature completes everyday laundry in just 15 minutes.

Auto Re-Start: The Auto Restart Function ensures that the washing cycle resumes from where it left off in case of an interruption during the first cycle. This feature is especially convenient for busy households in India, accommodating their fast-paced lifestyles without constant monitoring of the washing machine.

Pricing and availability

The Haier 306 Washing Machine series, start at Rs. 21,900 and will be available in retail stores across India from today.

Commenting on the launch, NS Satish, President, Haier Appliances India, said,

We’re thrilled to introduce our latest 306 series washing machines in India, just in time for the festive season. At Haier, our unwavering commitment to excellence drives our continuous innovation in home appliances. Our new washing machine range offers premium fabric care features, ensuring that doing laundry is as enjoyable as celebrating the festivities.

We extend a warm invitation to our Indian customers to embrace this season with open arms and fresh, clean clothes courtesy of Haier. We’re confident that this new range will elevate the way people live and be widely embraced across the nation.